Saturday, June 8, 2013

Winning A Local SEO Contest

If you read my previous article, you probably know that I joined a local SEO contest. It was held by Rakuten Indonesia in October 2012, and ended in January 2013.

The result?

I miraculously became the first winner of the contest.

When I say it was miraculous, I mean it.

So here’s the story…

One day I just browsed the net for an SEO contest, and found out that Rakuten in Indonesia was holding one. I never won an SEO contest before, so I decided to register as a contestant and aimed to be the champion. I guess I was one of the first contestants to register, so I started backlinking earlier than others.

But from the start, I already aimed to be the first winner. Not the second, the third, etc.

By the way, in my country SEO contests are quite common, but I chose that particular contest because I personally like online shopping :-)

Anyways, after registering, what I did was just write an article about the company, and I didn’t think so much about the keywords at first. I just tried to focus on writing a good and readable article that could really help my readers when choosing trusted online shops.

So after the article was done, then I sprinkled the keywords and started backlinking.

Months passed by, and I was desperate because I kept checking my position on, and mine was not in the top 10. I tried to change my blog’s geo-target through Google Analytics and add some codes to show Google that my blog was in Bahasa, not English.

Since my article was still not on page one yet, I tried to keep getting backlinks from local websites.

Until I finally let go (I’m a fan of the Law of Attraction, and letting go of attachment, not being obsessed, is important… :-) ).

The deadline was near, and my article was nowhere on page one.

But I still had some hope, maybe suddenly my article would climb or maybe I would get the prize for the best article…lol

So when it was time for the announcement of the contest winners, I was surprised….

I was the first prize winner!

I got an e-mail saying “Congratulations! You are the winner of SEO Contest” (in Bahasa)

click to enlarge
It turned out that the winners were not determined by the articles’ position on, but on instead. 

I knew I was number one on most of the time, but I never thought that they would use the .com, instead of Now that was a miracle for me, since all I know is that the winners of 99.99% of all SEO contests in my country are usually determined based on their positions on, not
That contest was an exception, I guess, and I was very lucky…

I was actually nervous if they would actually change their minds, and kicked me out from the winners list if they knew I was not number one on Google Indonesia…but it didn’t happen….lol

I got 5,000,000 Rakuten Super Points, or about $500. Not bad.

But I learned some useful things during the contest, and one of them was to buy an aged domain with PR which I never did before. Kelly Felix in Bring the Fresh Full Disclosure recently just uploaded a video of buying old aged domains with PR to build a private network, so maybe I’m going to do that too.

So I guess the lessons learned here are to never give up (keep building backlinks, writing articles, etc), never lose hope (I still had the hope to be the first winner, even though deadline was close), and life is full of miracles. Anything can happen.

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