Tuesday, June 4, 2013

There’s No Such Thing As Common Sense in Internet Marketing

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I used to have a thought that it’s too late to get into Internet marketing.

When I was just starting out and didn’t make money, I was thinking of giving up.

I thought that I should have started earlier, like in early 2000′s (but I was still in junior high that time…lol) like what Kelly Felix did. Especially when it used to be much easier to rank your site on Google.

However, I just read a post by Hiroshi Mikitani, the CEO of Rakuten Ichiba (Japan’s Amazon, by the way) that common sense is just a myth, at least in business.

He was told that starting an e-commerce business was useless and that it was too late for him as people were not interested in the concept of “online mall” anymore.

Turned out that they were wrong.

Rakuten is growing each and every day now, and they already expanded to several countries, including mine.
I wrote an article “Rakuten.co.id: Toko online murah, serba ada Barang unik Jepang” as Rakuten

Indonesia is holding an SEO contest at the time of this writing. They launched their business last year, in June 2011, in partnership with Indonesia’s and Southeast Asia’s largest and most integrated media group, MNC (Media Nusantara Citra).

The contest is one of their strategies to gain more customers in the country, in addition to investing $100 million in Pinterest.

Mikitani is now even planning to beat Amazon.

But again, an article on Forbes said it’s a “mission impossible”, but only time will tell.
Oh, and did you know that the commissioner of the U.S Patent Office in 1899 once said that  
“…Everything that can be invented has been invented”?

Well, look at what’s happening now. The number of patent applications filed with the U.S. Patent Office has been increasing each year.

And you must have heard about the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul, right?

Jack Canfield and Mark V. Hansen was rejected by more than 100 publishers because their common sense told them that nobody would buy a collection of short stories in a book with a ridiculous title.

But now look what’s happening. There are now more than 200 titles of the Chicken Soup series available.
If your “common sense” says it’s too late or it’s impossible to make money online, think again.
As what Mikitani wrote, what’s important is to “progress forward while constantly adapting to new situations.”

When it comes to SEO to make money on the Internet, algorithm updates will always come and your sites may tank. What’s important is to keep adapting and moving forward.

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