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Step-By-Step of Making Money Online on the Internet with Just A Simple Blog

If I can make real money online, so can you!

I used to be the one who’s always looking for the ways to make money online. After years of reading and trying to get things work, I’m finally able to make money on the Internet from the comfort of my own home :-)

If you’re the one who still don’t know how to make a single cent online, I know what you’re thinking right now. Therefore, I’m here to share with you the step-by-step of what I do to earn money on the Internet with a simple blog. I've decided that now it’s time to give back :-) .

I believe that it’s impossible to put the exact step-by-step blueprint of Internet marketing in this one single blog post, so I’m going to make it short and (hopefully) understandable.

OK, are you ready?

Here are the steps I do to make money through the Internet with affiliate marketing (a.k.a promoting other people’s products for handsome commissions):

Step 1
Picking a Niche


It is recommended that you are promoting products in the niche that you’re already passionate about. For example if you love pets, you can choose to be in the cat or dog niche. Or, if you’re into health and fitness, you can go to that niche. But you can also jump into a niche that you’re not passionate about, since that’s in fact what I did when I just got started :-)

If you’re reading this, I know that you are passionate about Internet marketing, but I suggest that you don’t jump straight away into this niche as it’s very competitive.

Step 2
Researching Keywords

The beauty of Internet marketing is that you can find out what people want to buy before creating or promoting a product. You can do what people are looking for by performing a keyword research. To do this, you should find out the keywords that people are searching by employing the free but powerful Google Keyword Tool.

You can find out the search volume for long tail keywords, as they are more specific and people are more likely to buy when searching for them. For example, “lower blood pressure naturally”, “making money with Clickbank”, etc. Usually, it is recommended to go for the keywords that have no less than 2,000 local searches per month (but it’s still up to you).

Step 3
Finding a Good Product

satisfaction guaranteed
To find a good product to promote, I recommend you start with Clickbank’s marketplace. You can register first, then start finding a good product. If you find a product with high gravity, it means that there are a lot of people promoting that product and earning commissions. If the product has lower gravity, then it means that there are fewer people promoting and earning commissions from it.

Personally, I like to find a product that has lower gravity. That’s also what’s recommended by Kelly Felix, the guy behind the best-selling “The Rich Jerk” and who together with Mike Long created Bring The Fresh, a guide to making money online which I think the best I've found.

Step 4
Creating a Blog + Pre-Sell Content


This is actually simple. You don’t have to be a techie nor a great writer.

After you know what to sell and what keyword you are going to target, you can buy a domain and hosting and then create a wordpress blog. The domain name you create should contain the keyword you are targeting to make it easier for you to rank on the first page of Google. After that, you can write (or ask others to write for you) several articles on your blog.

Please note that you should provide helpful articles, don’t just write low-quality articles that will waste your visitors’ time.

Again, I’m not good at explaining how to build a money making blog or website in this short blog post. If you want to know the example of a money-making blog, then go straight to Bring The Fresh since Kelly is going to show you exactly how he build a profitable blog from scratch. Or, you can download my free report in the sidebar of this blog.

But if you don’t want to waste your time, you can just watch this video below and see a real example of the kind of blog I’m talking about:

Step 5
Get Your Blog to the First Page of Google

link chain

Do backlinking so that you can be on the first page of Google so more people will notice your blog. One of the ways I do this is by writing informative and valuable articles + article resource box, submitting them to article directories, and backlinking.

This won’t happen overnight, so you need time.

Step 6
Making sales, building your business, and getting your first check (and the 2nd, 3rd, and so on) :-)


Screenshot courtesy of Bring The Fresh

You can make as many blogs as you want.

So, basically those are the steps I do to make money online. If you really want a comprehensive and clear-cut guide on earning money on the Internet, I confidently recommend you join Bring The Fresh (BTF) I mentioned before. I’ve joined it, and I think that it’s the best money making guide online.

But I should warn you that BTF is not about getting rich quick, and it’s not about some weird software that will make money just by clicking a button. It’s about the step-by-step blueprint in building your own money making websites.

If you still have questions regarding your effort, Kelly and Mike will even provide you with their cell phone numbers! (don’t abuse it though, since your number is going to be blocked if you do that).
Bring The Fresh!

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