Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to Create a Simple Money-Making Blog

Yes, you can make money by using simple blogs. You don’t have to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos to be able to earn money on the Internet. I’ve proved it myself.

Now, what kind blog you should create?

The kind of blog I’m talking about here is a niche blog. You will be creating a simple blog discussing or giving helpful information about a certain topic (e.g. how to grow taller, woodworking plans, ho to build a chicken coop, etc), and you will recommend a product (from Clickbank, etc) related to the topic that offers a solution to your blog readers. So you shouldn’t give too many product options to your visitors, because it will confuse them and they won’t buy from you instead.

Although updating your blog is recommended, you can actually set up a profitable blog once and then forget it yet it will still be making you money on autopilot. Again, I’ve proved it myself. This especially applies if you have lots of blogs, since updating them regularly will be difficult.

So basically what you need to do is to register a webhosting account and buy a domain name, and it is recommended to use a profitable keyword as the domain name – for example,, etc.

Then, you should install wordpress as a platform for your blog. WordPress is highly recommended because it is very easy to set up and customize.

After that, start writing 5 to 7 (or as many as you want) helpful articles and post them on your blog. You can write the article by yourself, or you can outsource the task to freelancers you can find on sites like eLance,

Fiverr,, or other sites offering article writing services.
Don’t forget that the articles should be informative and not too “salesy”. If possible, use your picture and tell your experience or story related to the topic your blog is discussing on in the “about me” section.

Recommend the product you truly believe in, not merely because everyone else is promoting it or just because you’ll make lots of money from the commission.

What you should not be missing out on is to secure your place on the first page of Google, so that more people will notice your blog. In fact, this is actually the “secret sauce” to making money using niche blogs. Check out my free report since you’ll find out how to SEO your blog and start making sales.

But let me remind you that when you've set up a blog, it may not make you money at all. Maybe from 5 of your blogs, only one will make money. So you have to be able to evaluate your unprofitable blog – maybe the keyword is not commercial, or maybe it’s the product you’re recommending that doesn't convert. You can change the way you write your articles, the product you’re recommending, or just create a new blog and move on.

Of course this article doesn’t reveal exactly how to make a profitable blog, since you still have to go through other necessary steps such as keyword resea

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