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What Is “Bring The Fresh”? – It’s Not Like What You Might Think About…

When I first heard the name Bring The Fresh, I didn’t really care about it. But then I was browsing the Warrior Forum, and decided to read what anyone else said, and check it out.

I've seen so many products with ridiculous names, like Auto Mass Blah Blah.. , Rapid Cash Blah Blah…,

Turbo Cash Blah Blah…, etc etc.

But Bring The Fresh is different.

So I read what everyone else said about it, and decided to give it a go.

Here are some facts I found that will answer your question on what is Bring The Fresh:

1.  What is it?

BTF is an information product. It is not a membership program, so there is no recurring fee.

2. Who are the creators?

The founders are two well-known marketers, Mike Long and Kelly Felix.

You can actually find Mike’s information on Wikipedia, although it’s not related to his career as an Internet Marketer. He was a professional card game player (Magic: The Gathering) before doing Internet business.

While for Kelly Felix, you can find a little information about him on IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) because he used to be an actor and played some small roles, including “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” and “The Invisible Man”.

He’s also the founder of the multi-million dollar (which he later sold to someone else because he wanted to let go of the “jerk” side, and just be himself.

Mike and Kelly are two of the few genuine Internet entrepreneurs out there.

3. What does it teach about?

It’s a program designed to help you make real money online. Besides step-by-step materials in the form of Audios, Videos, and PDFs, it also has a helpful discussion forum which in my opinion the best part of the program.

There are two options for the program, Basic and Full Disclosure.

The Basic member’s area consists of:

a. BTF Road Map

It’s just an introduction to the program.

b. Recommended Tools

Products / tools recommended personally by Mike and Kelly to make your effort easier. Some of the suggested tools including a wordpress theme, article submission network, keyword research software, and web hosting.

c. Fast Start Guide

This is a PDF guide of the step-by-step to making money on the Internet. This PDF is updated often, especially to comply with search engine algorithm changes.

For the details, Mike and Kelly provide the video versions:

d. Fast Start Videos

Mike and Kelly will guide you step-by-step, including on how to do a market research, keyword research, backlinking, and how to build a profitable blog from scratch. Yup, you will see Kelly build a profitable blog before your very own eyes.

There are also video case studies including about Rick Rivera, a BTF member who made $200,000.
Mike will also show you some other techniques to earn money on the Internet – video jacking, launch jacking, list jacking, and siphon jacking.

Oh, and there is also one great e-book called “Annihilation Engine”, which Mike and Kelly have generously allowed me to give it away. You can actually download it directly for free on the sidebar of this blog.

e. One Article to Rule Them All Videos

You can watch how Mike Long creates one article to create hundreds of backlinks to boost his websites’ ranking on Google. He reveals how to change one article into many articles that are unique and of high quality.

f. Behind The Scenes Videos

This part contains various valuable videos useful to scale up your Internet business, including:

- Behind the scenes of the multi-million dollar Rich Jerk business
- Mike Long’s brick and mortar business

You can learn from Mike and Kelly’s experience of creating their successful businesses.

g. Interview Videos & Audios

This part contains videos of Mike interviewing Kelly about his business. You will be able to learn about Kelly’s first website, philosophy and deal making, outsourcing, persuasion, and more. You can also download the MP3s of the interviews.

h. Latest News

Mike and Kelly always give updates (videos,etc) whenever there are new things you can do to improve your business.

i. Discussion Forum

As what I've mentioned before, the member’s forum is the best part of this program. You can ask questions about making money, share your success stories, etc. Mike and Kelly themselves also participate in the forum, so they will help the other members.

j. One-on-one Help

Basically, they offer a “Done For You” blog if you are too lazy to create a website, write articles, and SEO it.

Besides contacting by e-mail (support ticket), forum, and skype, you can also contact Mike and Kelly personally. They are willing to give their customers their personal cell phone numbers! How crazy is that?!

So those are what you will find in the Basic program.

Full Disclosure members will get access to all of the above, plus the following:

a. Advanced SEO Videos

The basic videos are enough to start making you money, but to make it faster and better, there are the advanced SEO videos. Some of the videos are about post Penguin update (you will be able to follow Kelly as he tries to bring his site back after being slapped by Google’s Penguin update), Kelly’s phone website, local SEO, Kelly’s private client case study, how to use expired domains for SEO, and a done-for-you market research.

b. Annihilation Engine Videos

This part includes confidential files from more than 21 million dollars worth of bootstrap website creation, and a mind hack that can boost your sales.

c. Underground Biz Philosophy

This includes a product creation course by David Mills, results formula, and value thinking.

d. Inside $7 Figures

You can watch some videos, including about Rich Jerk play boy mansion launch, YouTube video marketing, and Area 51 Lifestyle business.

4. How Much Does It Cost?

A one time fee of $97.

5. What About the Refund Policy?

You can get your money back if you are not satisfied within 60 days of your purchase.

6. Is There A Trial for This? What About Some Discounts?

Actually, yes there is. You can try Bring The Fresh for $7 for 7 day access. Since you’ve read this long, you can go to this page for the trial and a special $60 discount :-)

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