Friday, June 7, 2013

Chris Farrell Membership Review – Chris Got Me Built My First Money Making Website

Fact: Chris Farrell Membership will be most beneficial to Internet marketing newbies

Have you read this post?

If so, you should have known that one of the “gurus” that inspired me was Chris Farrell.

So at that time, I watched some free videos from Chris and Mike Filsame and got inspired so much. The videos were part of their product launch promotion, called Affiliate Dot Com. Even though I did not join, but I learned a lot from the free videos.

Later I googled Chris, and found his Chris Farrell Membership website (you can get his special $1 trial offer). I watched his free videos called “I Love Traffic, You Love Traffic”, and even though I did not think the information was special, the videos were really pleasant to watch and listen to because Chris sounded really warm and friendly.

You see, there are a lot of people out there who are successful in making money online, but not all of them can teach what they know well. I think Chris is really different, as in my opinion he really knows his stuff and is a great teacher :-)

So after the Affiliate Dot Com videos, I continued on my own. Then I stumbled upon Google Sniper and Bring The Fresh which I think both are great.

I totally forgot about Chris Farrell.

Then one day I stumbled upon a video on YouTube and the uploader mentioned about Chris Farrell Membership. I was curious about how the website looked since I visited there 3 years ago.

Turned out that the website looked better.

When I arrived there, Chris (and his dog, Mr. Stevens) already welcomed me using his awesome English accent. After that welcome video, I just could not go away from the site.

I filled in my name and e-mail address, watched his free video training, got the $1 sign up trial, and now I’m a member.

Here’s what I think about the membership:

Chris Farrell Membership (CFM) is basically designed for newbies in making money online. Since I already learned from Bring The Fresh, I actually skipped many video trainings in CFM member’s area.

In fact, some videos that I watched were only the “How To Communicate Like A Rock Star and Make More Sales” webinar by Chris Farrell and Kevin Rogers (veteran copywriter, very funny guy) and “Permission to Commission” by Ian Bass.

Permission Marketing by Ian Bass in the
member’s area of 
Chris Farrell Membership

But what I can see is that the videos are really clear, he even uses some cartoons, and the lessons are really well-organized.

Plus, Chris is not trying to sell you other products with his own affiliate links. This is one of the things I like about CFM. Once you join, he will help you stay focus on completing the course.

Honestly, this is so different from Bring The Fresh. What I don’t like about it is that Mike and Kelly will promote various products in the member’s area. In addition to the necessary tools (keyword research software, Unique Article Wizard, Magic Submitter, etc), they also promote other courses, such as OMG Machines (One Man Gang Machines) by the most successful BTF student, Greg Morrisson.

I think there’s nothing wrong in promoting other products, but honestly this distracts me from implementing what is inside BTF (update 2013: Mike finally decided to focus on OMG, and BTF is now Kelly's).

The additional products will actually be useful if you want to go to the next level, but the way they promote them is kind of annoying, in my opinion.

So I just stick with Bring The Fresh Full Disclosure. That’s it.

Every time Mike and Kelly e-mail me some free webbies (webinars) only to promote other products, sometimes I just watch them just to get inspired without buying them at all.

Ok, let’s go back to CFM.

So what I like about CFM is that it is very well-organized, so I believe if you are still new and haven’t made a dime online, this membership will be of great help. This membership is even designed for those who are still learning using their computer. There is an optional video about basic skills like copy pasting, downloading, etc, which you can always skip if you already know how to do them.

My recommendation is that if you are totally new to making money online or how to create a simple webpage, Chris Farrell Membership is for you.

But if you already know about SEO, article spinning, backlinking, etc, then probably Bring The Fresh will better suit you.

If you already know about building a squeeze page and e-mail marketing, the $37/month cost for CFM will not be necessary, because mainly it is used to keep getting discounted hosting and autoresponder (aweber) per month in addition to get more updates such as webinars.

So CFM may be a good membership site if you want to save some cash on hosting and autoresponder costs.

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