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Make Money Online – To Know And Not To Do Is Not Yet To Know

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“To know and not to do is not yet to know.” – Zen Wisdom
I first heard those wise words from Welly Mulia, one of the Internet marketers I admire, who created Get Profits Fast. In fact, it’s his favorite quote, and now it’s mine too.

When I was just got into Internet marketing (IM) a few years back, all I did was mostly reading, listening, and watching. I always looked for free e-books, audios, as well as videos so I could learn IM and applied the lessons I learned.

However, I wasted my time by applying too little. When I read another e-book on making money online and I already knew what the author was talking about, I was like “I know, I know…” yet I didn’t make money. I thought I knew a lot about Internet marketing, that if you gave me tests on it I would get straight As. But in practice, I actually did make money online but it was like $15 a month while I spent too much of my time learning.

In fact, according to Albert Einstein, I was insane. You know, doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. That’s exactly what I did.

At first, I decided to create a blog and market products to Indonesians only. I wrote e-books and kept posting articles on my blog in bahasa Indonesia. But that’s about it. I kept posting and hoping that there would be more traffic, and it happened for years.

Fortunately, In early 2010 I received good news. PayPal allowed me to verify account with my local bank, instead of credit card. I was so excited since I had to use a virtual credit card previously. So after the news, I verified my account and started buying things I needed to promote digital products. I bought domains, an autoresponder, and some products that I was interested in.

But first of all, I created a new account at Clickbank, and start putting what I’ve learned into action. I used to have an account, but because I had zero sales and I’ve abandoned it for so long I then decided to create a new one.

Since I had digital dusts piling up, I reached a free PLR in my hard drive and I found a list of Clickbank products to promote in it. Without market research whatsoever, I decided to promote a product listed there, and it’s in the health and fitness niche.

I then bought an exact match domain, and created a website. After about 3 months, I started seeing sales. By the way, you can download my free I Heart Internet Marketing Report in the sidebar of this blog to know how I started making money with the website.

After I received my first check, I was so happy and I felt confident about doing IM and decided to create other websites to promote different products. After that, sales are coming in to this date. I admit, I’m not a millionaire (yet), but I’ve “cracked the code” of making money online and I’m sure my income will keep increasing and I believe I need to share what I’ve learned so far.

In the process of promoting a Clickbank product as an affiliate, I was very motivated by the videos from Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell during the pre-launch of Affiliate Dot Com (I didn’t buy it, I just learned from the free videos). I was also very inspired and motivated after I grabbed a product from Russell Brunson called “20 Minute Payday”.

In the 20 Minute Payday’s member’s area, I downloaded some videos where Russell was teaching IM in a workshop, as well as other videos where he interviewed a couple who was able to made a lot of money online in only 20 minutes a day (but of course, it didn’t happen overnight. They still had to “work hard” at first).

After I implemented the lessons I’ve learned, instead of just learning without implementing, that’s when I really understood.

So right now, it doesn’t mean that I stop learning. I still learn stuff, and I get valuable lessons time and time again, such as after I joined Bring The Fresh by Kelly Felix and Mike Long. I think I should’ve just quit searching for info on how to make money online and joined it years ago (but it did not exist at that time…lol).
To know and not to do is not yet to know.

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